About Us


Cat Call Collective™ is me, Bekah Bohlen, with the steady support of my do-it-all husband, Martin. What began as my adventures into letterpress printing in 2015 has since morphed into a custom letterpress printing business, a stationery line and a mobile + online retail shop all rolled into one... We're crazy, we know, but that's just how we like it.



"Cat Call Collective" came to us after many months of searching for just the right name. I knew with our nature of casting wide creative nets, we should steer clear of being labeled as a paper co. or stationery line, so I was set on being a Collective from the get-go. This seemed to be the perfect umbrella for wherever our creative endeavors might lead, but beyond that we were stumped. So, I began designing anyway and figured the inspiration would hit when the time was right.

The first two card designs I created for our line were our "Holler Back Girl" Card and our "MEOW" Card. When thinking of what category these designs would fall into (i.e.; birthday, thank you, congratulations, etc), they struck me first as simply "Cat Call" cards. I realized I wasn't designing for the market or to fit into a categorical box, I was just designing what I liked and that's how I continue to design today. Our little cat family didn't seem to mind the nod of acknowledgement in our brand name either, so Cat Call Collective was born. 



The Cat Call Tiny Shop is the loving name we've given to our 18' x 8' store on wheels that we built from scratch, thanks in large part to our winning of a #Girlboss Foundation Grant in February 2016. This shop combines the current trend of a tiny house with the retail platform model of a food truck. We've built a 1 room house-like structure on a flat bed trailer custom fitted with retail counter space and shelving to display and sell both our own line and the products of other small business makers, the majority of which are also showcased here on our website.

We are so thankful to have the great joy of living in the RDU-Triangle area of North Carolina, and we hope this mobile platform will allow us to bring the joy of shopping small and buying handmade to the most communities, neighborhoods and demographics as possible. Follow along with our on-the-move adventures @catcallcollective on Instagram and with the hashtag #CatCallTinyShop! And, find out when and where to find us next right HERE! Hope we'll see you soon!



**Thanks to all of our friends and family for your unwavering support and, at times, physical labor to make this dream happen! We're forever grateful!