Tiny Shop inspiration.



If you're new here or new to our project, a little background: In February, I won a grant from the #GIRLBOSS Foundation to create a dream project of mine- a tiny gift shop on wheels!! The concept is to have a small manageable space where I can showcase my stationery line, and also share and promote the works of other makers from all over the USA honing their own special crafts- paper goods, jewelry, candles, fragrances, art, home goods and more! Think "Tiny House Nation" meets a retail space...  We're not 100% sure how it will look + function, but that's the fun part about it. We've got some grand ideas, a lot of will power and a host of tools, pencils and paper which, in our experience, usually makes for for a good outcome. Fingers crossed, people!


Here's a peek back at our initial sketch of the shop concept + the types of products we'd like to carry:

And, here's a more recent, more to scale sketch as our planning and measuring continues to evolve:

Update on progress- We have our flatbed trailer base, 4 commercial grade glass doors for the shop, carriage bolts in to stabilize the bases of our walls and a host of products already on order! Once our doors get back from the frame shop, we'll be off to the races and set to start the frame out!

And, as if my addiction to Pinterest wasn't severe enough already, this Tiny Shop planning has me drowning in Pin-spiration. No complaints here though, what would we do without it? Below is a small snippet of what we're dreaming up.

Follow along with us on Pinterest HERE as we pin the nights away, and as always, stay tuned for more updates to come soon!